Heaven 24/7 is a free saints newsletter (that you also can pay for)

Hello and thank you for checking out Heaven 24/7, a collection of true saint stories intended for a general audience that is published weekly, if not always daily. (I try my best! Kid dog life etc.)

The newsletter is free to everyone. Paying for a subscription won’t necessarily give you any extra benefits, but it will give me the benefit of having more money. And I should say, my ambitions for the project extend well beyond sending a bunch of emails, so paid subscribers can rest assured they’re supporting its continued development into stuff like, say, a pack of physical saint cards, coming someday soon, hopefully.

It can take an hour to research and write each newsletter, and I’m planning to do about 200 saints a year. I started in the fall of 2017, and there are over 10,000 saints, so I’ll probably die before I do them all, but that’s a lot of good stories.

I think we’re going to learn a lot <3

Duncan Cooper